MPG360 Education (EC-ICE)

Changing the learning curve using technology.

Harness the power of technology, content, and teamwork through the MPG360 Education Service Platform from Meridian Power Group, a system designed with AI to enhance our global learning community and create an opportunity for every student to experience the benefits of utilizing educational technology.


Find The Vulnerabilities Before The Hackers Do...

Meridian Power Group provides top-tier quality Security Prevention, computer-based training, and GDRP services to ensure your infrastructure is protected at all times.

IBM X-Force Red Security

A serious hack can be detrimental to not only the physical and digital ecosystem of your business. MPG utilizes a preventative system that identifies and remediates security flaws.

Computer-Based Security Training

Focused internet-based training with monitoring and results to your company to show training has been completed and track areas where security needs to be more of a focus.

GDPR Security and Compliance

Enrich your data protection efforts with data classification, risk assessment, activity monitoring, encryption and key-management capabilities from using IBM Security Guardium.



Hybrid Cloud Services (HCS)


Modernize, Migrate, and More...

The process of meeting the expanding data and application needs of a company can be a daunting task. Meridian Power Group help to evolve your business model by providing Enterprise-grade Hybrid cloud services that integrate with your existing infrastructure. By using a public, private, or hybrid multi-cloud environment MPG helps your business build, deploy, and manage your workloads with more security and efficiency.

Utilizing IBM's industry-leading platform, MPG provides a complete solution that encompasses the entire spectrum of your business; and allows you to define the pricing, options, and service model for each application you deploy. With flexible speed and agility, MPG's cloud-services allow your business to stay competitive in a hybrid environment of public and private clouds. From migration and security to cloud-based application development and data management MPG services are optimized.



Integrated Development Solutions

MPG provides world-class development services through Skybridge West Africa (SWA), a seasoned international project development and construction company with diverse market operations.