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Harness the power of technology and teamwork through the MPG360 EC-ICE Service Platform from Meridian Power Group, a system designed to enhance our global learning community and create an opportunity for every student to experience the benefits of utilizing educational technology.

• Reduce the achievement gap by providing personalized learning powered by IBM’s Watson AI.
• Ensure that each student has a thorough understanding of course materials based off their individualized learning methods.
• Provide access to global database of supplemental learning content for limitless learning possibilities.
• Prepare high school students for for dual enrollment or early college opportunities
• Increase participation in STEM fields.
• Increase the high school graduation rate for underserved student groups and districts.

Service Features

Tools Provided By MPG360 Education 

Premium Personalized Content

Premium Personalized Content

EC-ICE provides students with access to a global database of basel* and supplemental content  based on your curriculum. (*based on availability)
Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

Utilizing IBM Watson and their collaboration with Sesame Street, MPG takes cognitive computing to the next level with Sesame’s early childhood expertise.
Powered By Watson AI

Powered By Watson AI

Through repeated use IBM’s Watson AI gets smarter by tracking feedback from its users and learning from both successes and failures.

Secure and Fast

Secure and Fast

EC-ICE is delivered through broadband for the faster speeds and built on some of the most powerful cloud-based technologies availbale. Combined with protection from IBM’s X-Force Red , you can deliver content at the fastest speeds, while protecting your data.

Additional Offerings

Enhance the way your students learn.....

IBM Watson Education Classroom

Watson Classroom is comprised of IBM Watson Element and IBM Watson Enlight, and helps teachers deliver truly personalized learning to improve student outcomes.

IBM Watson and Pearson

The Watson Tutor, an AI-based tutoring solution, is embedded in Pearson's interactive learning environment and provides students with 1:1 personalized review sessions.

IBM Watson AI 1:1 Tutoring

An intelligent tutoring system (ITS) that guides students through a review session using natural language conversation.

Early Learning and Development

IBM and Sesame Workshop are collaborating to combine Watson’s cognitive computing with Sesame’s early childhood expertise.

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