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Merging Education with Artificial Intelligence


Education Technology

With the rise of the internet, making content accessible has become easier than ever before.  Utilizing IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI), Meridian Power Group, Inc. is breaking down the barriers for educational content delivery, providing learning solutions and materials that help students excel faster than ever before.  

With access to the knowledge of digital trends, the Watson AI technology acts as an added assistant, providing critical tools that empower teachers and improve the learning eco-system for students on an individual basis. 

How Can MPG Help?

Tools Provided By Watson AI Education 

Personalized Content

Personalized Content

Curated lessons, activities, and assignments for students based on individual mastery
Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

Utilizing IBM Watson and their collaboration with Sesame Street, MPG takes cognitive computing to the next level with Sesame’s early childhood expertise.
AI-Based Tutoring

AI-Based Tutoring

Adaptable tutoring with insights and performance analytics for instructors. 

What's Available Now

Enhance the way your students learn.....

IBM Watson Education Classroom

Watson Classroom is comprised of IBM Watson Element and IBM Watson Enlight, and helps teachers deliver truly personalized learning to improve student outcomes.

IBM Watson and Pearson

The Watson Tutor, an AI-based tutoring solution, is embedded in Pearson's interactive learning environment and provides students with 1:1 personalized review sessions.

IBM Watson AI 1:1 Tutoring

An intelligent tutoring system (ITS) that guides students through a review session using natural language conversation.

Early Learning and Development

IBM and Sesame Workshop are collaborating to combine Watson’s cognitive computing with Sesame’s early childhood expertise.